Scripps Spelling List

There is a plethora of websites that offer spelling bee preparation, and we encourage students to take advantage of these resources.   The link below will take you to the digital version of Spell It!, the official Scripps spelling guide for school champions and provided by Merriam-Webster.

Spell It!

Below, please find the official study list from Scripps to be used for school spelling bees.

Scripps Official Study Resources Page Read more

Class Syllabi and Policies

Attached are the class syllabi for all grades as well as the Classroom Policies and Expectations for LCP. Read more

The Knightly News for Summer 2017


A Bright Future


A Sneak Peek at the New School Year

Summer 2018 Reading Lists

Click on the appropriate attachment below to view/download your child's summer reading list.

Book Reports

Students are required to submit a book report on each summer reading book.  Students entering 3rd through 5th should download the form 'Book Report Form (3-5)'; students entering 6th through 8th should download the form 'Book Report Form (6-8).'  Both forms are posted below.

Enjoy the summer! Read more

Required Textbooks for LCP

Click on the links below to see the lists of required textbooks and reference books for LCP students in the fall. Read more

School News

Lion King Notices

There are no notices at this time. Check back periodically for important cast information. Read more

Lion King Rehearsal Schedules

Lion King Tracks with VOCALS

Lion King Tracks without VOCALS

02 Circle of Life with Nants' Ingonyama (Accompaniment).mp37.38 MB
03 Into Scar's Cave (Accompaniment).mp31.44 MB
04 Grasslands Chant (Accompaniment).mp33.34 MB
05 Return to Scar's Cave (Accompaniment).mp31.3 MB
06 Our Little Secret (Accompaniment).mp3544.98 KB
07 The Lioness Hunt (Accompaniment).mp31.16 MB
08 I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Accompaniment).mp35.25 MB
09 Elephant Graveyard (Accompaniment).mp31.69 MB
10 Scar Enters (Accompaniment).mp3476.67 KB
11 Be Prepared (Accompaniment).mp36.51 MB
12 Nightfall (Accompaniment).mp31.22 MB
13 They Live in You (Accompaniment).mp36.01 MB
14 Into the Gorge (Accompaniment).mp31.33 MB
15 The Stampede (Accompaniment).mp36.09 MB
16 The Mourning (Accompaniment).mp33.72 MB
17 Into the Desert (Accompaniment).mp31.04 MB
18 Hakuna Matata Part 1 (Accompaniment).mp34.96 MB
19 Hakuna Matata Part 2 (Accompaniment).mp32.21 MB
20 King Scar (Accompaniment).mp3917.11 KB
21 Shadowland (Accompaniment).mp37.77 MB
22 Playing and Pouncing (Accompaniment).mp31.33 MB
23 Under the Stars (Accompaniment).mp32.32 MB
24 She's Gonna Eat Me (Accompaniment).mp31.14 MB
25 Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Accompaniment).mp36.58 MB
26 He Lives in You (Accompaniment).mp38.71 MB
27 Return to the Pridelands (Accompaniment).mp32.47 MB
28 Luau Hawaiian Treat (Accompaniment).mp31.04 MB
29 Scar's Last Stand Part 1 (Accompaniment).mp32.94 MB
30 Scar's Last Stand Part 2 (Accompaniment).mp32.77 MB
31 Finale (Accompaniment).mp34.93 MB
32 Bows (Accompaniment).mp32.19 MB


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