Heart-o-Grams and Student Council Continue Legacy of Success

Begun by the student council in 2001 by then President Holly Brandon and Vice-President Greg Asatrian, Heart-o-Grams have been a major student fundraiser for fifteen years now.  The concept is brilliant in its simplicity.  Sell hand-delivered Valentine’s Day cards to students and staff for the basement low price of one dollar.   If you choose to add treats and/or stuffed animals, that, of course, is going to cost a little extra.  Passed down from one student administration to the next, Heart-o-Grams have become a much beloved TLC/LCP tradition.

This year, over 500 Heart-o-Gram packages were purchased and delivered by members of the student council on Valentine’s Day.  The student council would like to thank Parent Association President Angie Keshishian and Financial Services Administrator Miss Aggie for all their help.

With faculty advisor Miss Joy and President Ernest Williams at the helm, the 2014-2015 student council has been very successful.  They have excelled at meeting their annual responsibilities, the LCP Haunted House and Heart-o-Grams.