The Lahey's TLC and LCP Experience

We encourage all parents to consider enrolling their students at La Cañada Prep. Our son Charlie recently graduated 8th Grade and had the most positive peer group and learning experience. This is the place to send your children if you seek high standards and success for your children. We cannot imagine having made any other choice for our son.

We had lived in Arcadia for many years for its esteemed public school district, but were not impressed with the behavior of the peer group nor with the teaching philosophy. We relocated to Glendale and enrolled Charlie at Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School where classrooms were overcrowded, class schedules were inconsistent due to furlough days, drop-off and pick-up were stress-inducing, and the afterschool program consisted of free-play outdoors with no focus on academic coaching.

Having both earned advanced degrees from top-ranked universities, we aspired for our only son to have the best possible experience. We knew we had to find an alternative for Charlie. Both of us being working professionals, we sought a school that would offer Charlie the highest academic standards of excellence while providing a nurturing yet disciplined environment, and one that would offer a highly supervised afterschool program.

We toured LCP the spring prior to Charlie’s 6th-grade enrollment and were immediately impressed by the administration and student body. The faculty and staff of LCP are deeply committed and genuinely care for the students. Class sizes are intimate: students receive personalized attention from teachers and benefit from advancing at their own pace in mathematics. Subjects such as History and Science are instructed in interactive, collaborative ways to engage the students.

We admire the teaching philosophy that honors traditional practices such as penmanship, and a deep understanding of literature and grammar. Students truly LEARN the subject matters; in contrast, we have observed students merely memorizing concepts at other schools.

Students at LCP also participate in numerous sports, world-class theater arts productions, art classes offered by practicing professional artists, as well as computer skills and Spanish-language instruction. In addition, the students learn leadership and organizational skills to help them grow into successful young adults as they prepare for high school and college.

Charlie played junior and varsity tennis while at LCP, coached by a professional USTA instructor. The team has been undefeated for numerous years.

High school entrance exam preparation is also offered as part of the curriculum at LCP. Each student is coached and advised on their high school admissions process to ensure alignment with each student’s objectives. In addition to the scholastic year, LCP offers an excellent academic summer school program that we participated in three consecutive years while Charlie was enrolled at LCP.

The students at LCP embody qualities we all aspire our children to be surrounded by and those that we all wish to observe in society: high-performing students who are confident, responsible, nurturing, respectful and HAPPY.

The experiences offered to Charlie by LCP are priceless. His teachers have all had immense influence on his growth and success. He has ranked in the 99th percentile on national standardized tests and has been awarded Honors at entrance to Saint Francis High School in the fall of 2017.

It saddens us to depart from this wonderful, nurturing school staffed with so many loving and passionate instructors. We share our most heartfelt thanks to everyone at LCP for the high standards, tireless effort, passion, inspiration, discipline and devotion to preparing our children for success!

We will miss you!


Patrick and Brunella Lahey