Letter from the Director of Admissions at FSHA

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is thrilled to welcome their new group of girls from La Cañada Prep to the Hill this fall! The six students who will be attending are talented in many ways, and we cannot wait to see what they do at FSHA! They are scholars, athletes, artists and girls who are committed to their communities. Most important, they are kind and compassionate girls who will add to the incredibly caring environment we enjoy at FSHA. We are very proud to have students from La Cañada Prep and look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.

La Cañada Prep’s mission resonates with us at FSHA because it is very much aligned with our guiding values and principles. LCP’s nurturing, yet very rigorous academic program and commitment to supporting many different learning styles which develop the whole student is an excellent preparation for what girls will experience at our school. The LCP athletics and fine arts programs are a wonderful stepping stone to the programs at FSHA as well and our directors and coaches are eager to work with the students from LCP. Further, the character of the students we interview from LCP are of the highest caliber and show a true commitment to compassion, tolerance and respect. At FSHA we intend to develop young women of faith, integrity and truth, and we find that the students from La Canada Prep overwhelmingly possess these characteristics when they arrive. 

Finally, not only are the girls from LCP a true gift to FSHA, but their parents are as well. The partnership and involvement with the school that is evident at LCP translates well into the community we have on the Hill. Ultimately, parents feel the transition to life at FSHA as a very natural one, having come from a school like LCP.

We are grateful for the partnership we have with La Cañada Prep and feel truly blessed to have so many of the school’s wonderful girls and their families as a part of our community. We are certain that these girls will not only make a positive and significant impact on our campus, but also in the world.


Kristen Mariotti

Director of Admissions at FSHA