Pizza Day Policy

Pizza Day is not a school fundraiser and participating in this service is optional. We continue to offer Pizza Day because the students enjoy and look forward to this luncheon meal. For your convenience, we have simplified this service.
  • Pizza Friday is only for full-time students. Half-day students are not eligible for Pizza Day.
  • Pizza must be ordered monthly by the last day of the preceding month utilizing our online form.
  • A child cannot participate in Pizza Day if that month’s order has not been received by the deadline (the last day of the preceding month). No exceptions.
  • The monthly rate for pizza is calculated at $5.00 per Pizza Friday for a standard quantity (an individual pizza for TLC students or two 1/8-cut slices for LCP students). We recommend that families purchase more than one month at a time. The prepaid price for the entire school year is $135.00 (a $15.00 savings).
  • It is every family’s responsibility to monitor their pizza account by checking the Monthly Pizza Binder. The TLC binder is located on the homework file table while the LCP binder is located in the main office.
  • Pizza orders cannot be changed in the middle of the month.
  • A standing order for the month is made with the pizza company. Attendance does not affect the pizza order; therefore, there are no pizza credits for any reason. There are no refunds.
  • Each TLC child will receive a labeled, individual pizza at lunchtime. LCP students will be given a pizza ticket before lunch to indicate his/her preference (cheese or pepperoni) and to confirm that he/she is on the list.
  • No pizza can be purchased on Pizza Day. There are absolutely no exceptions.
  • Please remember to pack ample drinks, additional food and snacks.