Personal Belongings

The school provides most of the materials for TLC and LCP students.  LCP students may be asked to provide college-ruled paper and certain classes require textbooks (see Required Textbooks, Reference Books and Supplies)

All students should have a dictionary available to them at home.  We recommend the American Heritage Student Dictionary for our older students. 

No pencil boxes, rulers, stickers, stuffed animals, private magazines, electronic devices (including radios, cell phones, and smart watches), toys, etc., are allowed.  The exceptions to this rule are those listed above, the “Show-and-Tell” days for students in the Red, Orange, and Green Classes, and cell phones if checked into the office.

Students are not permitted to store after-school equipment and/or supplies in the TLC or LCP offices.  Parents must arrange for the transfer of equipment between home and after-school activities.  Equipment includes, but is not limited to sports bags, tennis racquets, roller skates, skateboards, musical instruments, sleeping bags, suitcases, overnight bags or any other equipment or clothing for use in an after-school activity.  Due to limited storage space on campus, the school simply cannot accommodate the additional storage required by these items.

Please label, with the student’s name, lunch boxes, plasticware, eye-glass cases, watches or any personal property that might possibly be misplaced at school.

In general, children are not to bring personal items to school.  We supply #2 pencils and erasers for school use. 

Backpacks at School

TLC and LCP permit backpacks at school.  Click on the link to see the LCP + Copper Backpack Policy and the TLC Backpack Policy.

The LCP School Store

The LCP School Store will sell school supplies and snacks.  Just some of the items available at the store will be homework organizers, chips, fruit, water, crackers, spirit buttons, hats and much more.