Incidental Charges

The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory have partnered with FACTS Management Company to collect incidental fees for this school year.

Incidental fees are fees outside of a family's regularly scheduled tuition paymentm such as Pizza Day, Extended Care, book deposits, sports fees, etc. that will need to be paid in full on the 20th of each month.  These items are separate from your tuition payment. All families must have a FACTS account in order to pay for any incidental fees that occur. If you are already enrolled with FACTS, you don't have to do anything. An annual fee ($5.00 for ten-payment accounts; $10.00 for single and two-payment accounts) will be applied to your next monthly statement. If you are not enrolled with FACTS, there is a $20.00 fee, charged by FACTS, to create an account.  Highlights of the FACTS Incidental Billing Process are as follows:

  • The responsible party will receive a FACTS email monthly when charges have been added to your student's account. This invoice will be sent 15 days prior to the payments due date.
  • The repsonsible party will be able to log into their FACTS online account at anytime to view the charges on the invoice by clicking the link provided in the email.
  • FACTS allows the responsible party to make payments online from their bank account on file or by credit card (a convenvience fee is added by FACTS for credit card payments). FACTS does not accept VISA.
  • Invoice payments are due to FACTS Management Company by the date specified on the invoice (do not send payment to the school). A late fee may be assessed if the payment is not received at FACTS on or before the due date.
  • A $30.00 insufficient funds fee will be charged by FACTS for all returned payments.

Please note: TLC and LCP will no longer be accepting payment for incidental charges made directly to the school.

All families (including families that do not pay their tuition with FACTS) will receive a monthly FACTS Incidental Invoice. Please ensure that the FACTS email address is the correct address for the responsible party.