La Cañada Preparatory is proud to offer extra-curricular team sports to our 6th-8th grade students. Our tennis, flag football, girls' volleyball, and boys' and girls' basketball teams are incredibly competitive and frequently rank among the best in our league.


Sports offered in the fall include varsity and junior varsity volleyball for girls, varsity and junior varsity flag football for boys, and varsity and junior varsity tennis for girls and boys.


In the winter, varsity and junior varsity basketball is offered for both boys and girls.


In the spring, LCP offers varsity soccer for both boys and girls.


Student-Athletes must be in the sixth, seventh or eighth grades to be eligible for interscholastic competition with the exception of co-ed tennis, which allows fifth graders to tryout.

LCP is a member of the Foothill Sports League.  This league includes the following middle schools: Barnhart School, Bethany Christian, Foothill Oaks Academy, Glendale Academy, Gooden School, Judson International, New Horizon School, Ribet Academy, Sequoyah School, Waldorf School,  Wavery School and White Memorial Academy.

Each student athlete must submit a completed Athletic Pack before he/she will be allowed to participate in interscholastic competition.  The Athletic Pack consists of the following forms: Athletic Release, Student-Athlete Contract, Parental Code of Conduct, Foothill Sports League Code of Ethics, and a Physical Evaluation form.  Athletic packs are available for download from our website and for pickup from the LCP office.


Coaches will conduct tryouts in each sport at the beginning of each season.  Any student-athletes who tryout and do not make a varsity or junior varsity squad are encouraged to participate in outside sports activities to continue to develop athletic skills.

Student-Athlete Expectations

All student-athletes represent La Cañada Preparatory; therefore, each student-athlete's actions both in and out of school must reflect positively on the school community.

While at school, student-athletes are expected to set positive examples for the rest of the student body.  Student-athletes must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in the core subjects and follow school rules at all times.