General Info

The Learning Castle and La Cañada Preparatory’s Summer School is academically based.  It is a six-week educational program divided into two separate three-week sessions; wherein, we offer a comprehensive curriculum focusing on core subjects for 4 year olds through eighth graders.

Students’ levels are assessed and lesson plans are tailored to meet individual requirements.  Individual learning styles are addressed, as well as productivity and time management.  Summer studies include review, reinforcement, and advancement.

Our summer school is a great opportunity to prepare your child for a more successful transition to the next grade.  Students are provided with all of the materials needed and the opportunity to work within a small teacher-to-student ratio.

An Academic Summer Program

Our standard summer program features Language Arts and Mathematics.  Certain subjects, such as Science, History, and Geography, are also used to reinforce these core subjects.  For example, Science includes mathematics, problem solving, experimentation, reading comprehension, report writing, vocabulary development, and spelling.  A core subject such as Language Arts includes penmanship (printing and cursive), phonics, spelling, vocabulary development, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing (journal, report, and creative).  For grades K1 through three, art and tennis are also included in the standard program.

We also offer typing and computer classes to third through eighth graders and art classes to fourth through eighth graders at no additional cost.  It is optional and, therefore, must be requested.

Single-Subject Half-Day Program

We also offer a half-day academic program for students entering the third through the eighth grades. Students can choose either a language arts only or mathematics only program that meets Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Please note that enrichment classes are not open to half-day students.