Drama Club Performs Well at DTASC

Members of LCP's Drama Club attended the 82nd-Annual DTASC FALL FESTIVAL Drama Competition, held on Saturday, November 4, 2023.
The competition consists of two rounds of judged performances/presentations. Students must qualify for finals by being in the top ten after the first two rounds. Out of the 31 schools from all over Southern California that participated in the competition, our LCP Drama Club members took home the ONE AND ONLY Spirit Award and ALL of our LCP entries made it to finals!

Here are the final results:

Costumes and Make-up
First Place - Nata Aloyan (Gold Class)

Two-Person Scene
Fourth Place - Delilah Mashhoud (Platinum Class) and Leila Morvarid (Platinum Class)
Ninth Place - Jacqueline Grigoryants (Gold Class) and Caroline Schroeder (Gold Class)

Group Scene
Sixth Place - Katherine Abramian (Gold Class), Ava C. Avakian (Gold Class), Caesar Hu (Gold Class), Christian Lund (Gold Class), Farah Mashhoud (Gold Class), and Anais Rupchian (Gold Class)

Individual Scene/Song
Ninth Place - Sarah Chammas (Gold Class)

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