Can TLC/LCP guarantee my child will not get COVID-19 if attending summer school?
We have several policies in place to safeguard the health and welfare of the TLC/LCP families while on campus. These policies reflect the guidelines and requirements of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH). While we will take every precaution to reduce risk, it is not possible for any entity to guarantee that a student or staff member will not be exposed to COVID-19.
What will be the cleaning protocols during the summer session?
High-touch surfaces will be cleaned multiple times per day. (Doorknobs, restrooms, light switches, etc.) The campus will receive a thorough cleaning each night including all classrooms, offices, restrooms, and common areas.
Overall, what is TLC/LCP doing to create a healthy and safe learning environment for children this summer?
In addition to our rigorous cleaning protocols, TLC/LCP will be following the LACDPH on standards for keeping students safe. Students will be instructed throughout the day to practice and engage in healthy hygiene habits.
Will the children and staff wear face coverings?
The wearing of face coverings is optional.  The LACDPH strongly recommends that students and staff wear masks while indoors, but TLC and LCP will not be mandating masks at this time.
What will be the health and safety policy for students and staff?
To reduce the spread of germs, visitors will be restricted from campus. Only TLC/LCP teachers and staff will be with students throughout the school day. We will implement our already rigorous cleaning, sanitization, and hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing and thoroughly cleaning high-touch surfaces and items inside and outside the classroom.
What if my child complains of not feeling well?
If your child is not feeling well, please inform the school and keep him/her at home.
If your child has a fever of over 100.4º, he/she will need to remain at home until he/she is symptom free for twenty-four hours without medication. To return to school, your child will need to provide a doctor’s clearance or proof of a negative COVID-19 test.  At-home tests are acceptable, but parents must provide a photo of the test result along with the child's name and the date and time the test was taken.
If your child complains of not feeling well while at school, he/she will be immediately separated from his/her classmates, and parents will be contacted to pick up the child from school immediately.  Students who are sent home must remain at home for a minimum of one day regardless of their health status.
What if my child is exposed to COVID-19?
If your child is exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please notify the school immediately by calling 818-952-8099 or by using our COVID hotline.  Close contacts may continue to attend school on a modified quarantine protocol. 
The modified quarantine protocol mandates that close contacts wear well-fitting, high-quality masks both indoors and outdoors for ten days.  Close contacts must test between three and five days after exposure.  See Health Officer Order: Quarantine for additional information.
What if my child tests positive for COVID-19?
If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please notify the school immediately by calling 818-952-8099 or by using our COVID hotline.  Students who test positive must isolate at home for a minimum of six days.  If the student receives a negative test result on the fifth day following the positive test, he/she may return to school on the sixth day but must wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask both indoors and outdoors through the tenth day after the positive result. See Health Officer Order: Isolation for additional information. 
If my child tests positive and has to isolate at home, will I be compensated?
If your child must isolate due to a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 positive test result, TLC and LCP will provide a non-refundable, non-transferable tuition credit for up to the number of educational days missed not to exceed five (5) school days.  Summer school credits expire at the conclusion of the subsequent year’s summer school.

This provision only applies to COVID-19 as defined.  Proof of a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 test result must be provided in order to receive a credit. For more detailed information, please see the summer Waivers, Terms and Conditions.
Will there be after-school care available this summer?
Yes, we will be offering extended care until 5:00 p.m., Mon.-Fri., for an additional cost of $400.00 per three-week session.

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