From the Director


For generations, parents have sought a better education for their children: a program that recognizes each child as a unique individual; a program that celebrates each child’s fundamental right to learn in different ways and at varying rates; a program that fosters the partnership between student, parent and teacher to ensure that each child reaches his/her fullest potential. At The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory, we strive to provide such a program.

We ask that our teachers, parents and students accept responsibility for the academic success of every child. Our teachers take pride in organizing a curriculum that is tailor-made for each student while ensuring the student not only meets the state standards but is also challenged to progress beyond grade-level concepts. The Color Me Smart® curriculum, developed and honed over the past thirty years inside TLC and LCP classrooms, provides our teachers with the precise tools to accelerate learning and to aid in the recovery of remediation.

As the director and founder, I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about all that The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory have to offer. I also invite you to visit us in person, so please contact our Admissions Office to schedule a campus tour.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Terry Villanueva


The Learning Castle & La Canada Preparatory

4490 Cornishon Ave., La Canada, CA 91011