Giving FAQs

What is the Annual Giving Campaign?
The Annual Giving Campaign is The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory's yearly fundraising campaign to support the schools' annual fund.

What is the Annual Fund?
Like other independent schools, The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory cover the majority of the operating costs through tuition, and makes up the difference, or "gap", through an annual fund campaign every year. Parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, alumni, and friends of the school contribute to the annual fund. The money raised by this fund helps pay for maintenance, equipment and enrichment programs.

Why should I give to the Annual Giving Campaign? 
The Annual Giving Campaign is the sole, significant fundraiser and the only way to support the annual fund.  
How will my donation impact The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory?
Your donation allows the schools to continue funding a wide array of enrichment programs like the arts, technology, and languages.  Your donation also permits extensive site maintenance and improvements.  Without this funding the schools would not be able to stay current with the latest technologies, offer such outstanding musical events, and make necessary improvements to the facility.
Why don't you raise tuition instead of asking for gifts?
TLC and LCP strive to keep tuition as low as possible so that our schools are affordable to middle-income families.  Currently, the schools have the lowest tuition among non-sectarian, private schools in the greater Foothills, San Gabriel Valley, Glendale area, and the schools are committed to keep these prices as low as is possible.
When should I make my donation?
You may make a donation at any time, but the final day to donate for the current campaign year is April 30.
How do I make a donation?
You may make a donation directly to the schools using an Annual Giving Campaign envelope, available from either office, or donate using the online giving form.
Is my donation tax deductible?
Donations to the TLC/LCP annual fund are not tax deductible, but donations to the Strait Up Foundation, our nonprofit arm, are.  Donations to Strait Up are used for structural maintenance and upgrades to the Foothill Intermediate School facility.
Why is 100% parent participation so important?
Parent participation in the Annual Fund is a critical indicator of our schools’ success. Comprehensive and ongoing participation in the Annual Fund demonstrates to other potential donors, such as foundations and corporations, a parental commitment to the school, thereby enhancing our ability to potentially raise funds for capital needs. Gifts from alumni, grandparents, staff, and faculty round out this demonstration of commitment by all members of our constituency groups.
Can I specify where I want my donation to be go?
Yes. A donation can be earmarked for a specific project, school or area of interest.
Can I make a monthly donation in lieu of a one-time gift?
Yes. When making a donation using the online giving form, select monthly donation and the amount.

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