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High School Admissions

The goal of the high school admissions process at LCP is to help ensure that each student gains acceptance into a school environment well suited to his or her academic strengths, personal interests and individual needs. To that end, the high school admissions process at LCP exists to assist our families with the ins and outs of applying to high school.

LCP provides a matriculation administrator to manage each student’s application materials from its receipt by LCP to its submission to the desired high school admissions department. LCP keeps the families of eighth-grade students informed of any open houses, option fairs and visitation days to local high schools. LCP provides in-class test prep programs during the school year and an intensive test prep program during summer school.

LCP teachers complete the recommendation materials provided by each school AND write personal letters on behalf of each of their students. Every application package is carefully checked by the school director before being sent out.

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  • October

    Parent Meeting
    Administration holds a meeting with parents regarding the high school admissions process.

    More High School Information Fairs
    LCP will notify parents of the dates and times of any high school fairs in the area. 

    Gather Admissions Materials
    As students narrow their choices of schools, we encourage them to gather the admissions materials and make note of all deadlines. LCP recommends that students apply to three schools. Please note that there is an additional charge of $25.00 for each application beyond three.

    Register Online for the ISEE Exam
    The ISEE exam is required by most secular private schools. Go to the ERB site to register for a test site near you.

    HSPT Exam
    The HSPT exam is required by most parochial schools in the area. Students cannot register for this exam until they complete the admissions process for a particular school(s). Please note that some schools require that the exam be taken on their campus for the student to be seriously considered for admission.

    Register for the SSAT for Boarding Schools
    The SSAT is used by most boarding schools. Go to the SSAT site for test sites and times.      
  • November

    School Visits
    LCP schedules tours with area high schools. Students are notified as soon as the dates become available.

    Attend Open Houses
    We encourage students to attend the open houses hosted by area high schools. Students are notified as soon as the dates become available. 

    Finalize Your Choices
  • December

    ISEE, HSPT and SSAT Testing Begins

    Deadline to Submit Admissions Materials to the LCP Office
    All transcript requests, recommendation forms and applications are due into Miss Gohar in the LCP office by Monday, December 5, 2022, or a late fee $100.00 late fee per application will be incurred.

    Transcript requests, recommendation forms and application materials received after Friday, December 16, 2022, will incur a $200.00 per application late fee.
    Rush applications are those submitted within five (5) working days of that school’s application deadline and will incur a $250.00 charge per application.
  • January

    We encourage students to wear their LCP uniform or conservative Sunday best attire to all interviews. Please notify the office prior to your scheduled interview time.

    Apply for Financial Aid
    If applicable.      
  • February

    Admissions Committees Meet
    The school director has private discussions with admissions directors regarding the applicants from LCP.      
  • March

    School Decisions Are Mailed
    Most area high schools notify students of their admissions decisions on the first Saturday in March.

    Enrollment Begins

High School Admissions Coordinator

Shannon Whalin

The Learning Castle & La Canada Preparatory

4490 Cornishon Ave., La Canada, CA 91011