The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory are committed to providing our students with a state-of-the-art technology experience. Digital competancy is one of the fundamental skills that students will need to be successful in high school, university and life.

At The Learning Castle, technology begins in kindergarten where students learn to keyboard as they learn the letters of the alphabet.  Starting in the first grade, students are pulled to the computer lab where they begin learning fundamental word-processing skills and are introduced to the Internet.  Second graders are exposed to basic graphic design and search engine use.

The La Canada Preparatory program, which includes third graders, utilizes the services of Technix Academy founder/director, Nick Schwaigerlehner, who teaches a three-term course in general computing, coding and robotics to grades three through eight.

"Technology keeps my students engaged while they're in class, which, in turn, makes them more excited about learning."
~Ashley West, LCP Science Teacher
General computing covers the inner workings of the machine: processors, memory, drives, busses, etc.

Codiing covers the instructional languages used to tell computers what to do.  Students learn to write programs in an active and visual way and see what their programs do as they are created.

In Robotics, students design and build robots to perform given tasks.

Our technology classes introduce students to the underlying processes that drive all digital technology while teaching students problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

"... learner success requires students to not only be thoughtful consumers of digital content, but effective and collaborative creators of digital media....”
~ David Goodrum, Director of Technology, Oregon State
TLC and LCP utilize a variety of digital platforms depending on the course. Teachers use e-textbooks, Google Classroom, Classroom Dojo, Renaissance Learning, Vocabulary Workshop and the Blackbaud K12 portal to name but a few.

At LCP, there are over 90 student workstations for a digital ratio of 2:1, but unlike many schools, TLC and LCP are also committed to the time-tested practice of opening a physical book and placing a pencil to paper.  Proper handwriting and cursive skills have always been and will continue to be a fundamental aspect of our approach.

On the LCP campus, Smart and Eno Boards are installed in all language arts, science and history rooms.  A secured gigabit wireless Internet connection is available throughout both campuses.

Google Hubs are installed in history rooms for easy access to images and video content.

Teachers incorporate the use of technology into the curriculum through project-based assignments.


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