Our Mission

The Learning Castle is based on the belief that all individuals can learn and that optimal learning takes place when all staff operationalize the philosophy which is characterized by the following tenets:
  • all individuals are treated with respect and dignity;
  • all individuals are given the opportunity to learn in many different ways and at varying rates;
  • all individuals are given recognition for their achievements;
  • all individuals are recognized as both potential learners and potential teachers;
  • the learning environment is characterized by interdependence and cultural diversity;
  • the learning process includes cognitive, creative and affective dimensions;
  • instruction is focused and subdivided into a number of specific, demonstrable competencies;
  • all teachers must accept responsibility for student failure and take appropriate instructional and other supportive actions; and
  • parents want their children to attain their fullest potential as learners and to succeed academically.
All teachers, parents and students shall accept responsibility for insuring that students attain their fullest potential and succeed academically.

Character Statement
It is our hope that each student will aspire to be honest, self-disciplined, courageous, courteous, compassionate, tolerant, and respectful of life.

Adopted with gratitude and permission from Dr. Horta, Pupil Services, San Francisco Unified School District

The Learning Castle & La Canada Preparatory

4490 Cornishon Ave., La Canada, CA 91011