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The Learning Castle and La Cañada Preparatory’s Summer School is academically based. It is a six-week educational program divided into two separate three-week sessions; wherein, we offer a comprehensive curriculum focusing on core subjects for 4 year olds through eighth graders.

Students’ levels are assessed and lesson plans are tailored to meet individual requirements. Individual learning styles are addressed, as well as productivity and time management. Summer studies include review, reinforcement, and advancement.

Our summer school is a great opportunity to prepare your child for a more successful transition to the next grade. Students are provided with all of the materials needed and the opportunity to work within a small teacher-to-student ratio.

La Canada Preparatory is offering Distance Learning classes this summer for studens entering the fourth throught the eighth grades.  The program is being offered as single-subject, half-day classes only. Distance Learning classes meet in the morning.

See Distance Learning for details.

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