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I am experiencing choppy video and/or audio while using the Zoom application.
The first thing to check is the Internet connection.  Zoom requires a minimum of 10mbps to function properly. While using the app, go to and check the bandwidth.  If it is 10mbps or less, you must do one of the following: a) reduce the activity on your home network; b) connect directly to your home network using a network cable; c) or contact your ISP to increase the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

If it is not your Internet connection, it may be your device.  Zoom does require a lot of processing power to function properly.  Most Macs and PCs will have no problem, but tablets and Chromebooks may struggle.  You may need to bypass the Zoom app on your device and login using the web browser. Click here to see a tutorial.

My audio is not working.
The most probable cause for this issue is that the user did not select 'Use Computer Audio' whjen logging in.  Leave the meeting and relaunch the application, being sure to select 'Use Computer Audio.'

My video is not working. I can see others but I cannot be seen.
'Use Computer Video' has not been selected.  Move the mouse to the top right corner of your video window, select the ellipses (...), and select 'Turn on Video.'

I cannot log into the Zoom platform.
First, check to see if you have an Internet connection.  If you do and you still cannot connect, restart your computer.  If this fails, contact IT at 818.952.8099.

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