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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The visual arts program at The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory  offers students not only the basic fundamentals, but also an overall experience and an exciting exploration of the visual arts through a variety of styles, techniques and medium.  Each student will develop the confidence and proficiency needed for the their creative edeavors.

Students at all grade levels prepare a piece for public display at our annual Book and Art Fair held at the Americana Barnes & Noble in Glendale.

The Learning Castle (Grades TK-3)

Starting in Transitional Kindergarten, students have art class once each week.  The program for younger students focuses on the joys of creating and viewing art as well as the development of fine-motor skills.

The curriculum consists of sequential lessons and project-based projects that include the elements of art such as line, shape, form, color and texture.

Project themes are generally seasonal with the exception of the art fair project which is based upon the current year's spring musical title. 

Lessons connect to other subject areas such as language arts and science.  Students focus on particular children's book illustrators or learn interesting facts about their subject, such as polar bears, chickens, etc.

The program provides a strong foundation for primary-age student to become life-long practitioners of art.

TLC Art Teacher

La Canada Preparatory (Grades 4-8)

Older students continue to build on the foundation developed at The Learning Castle while embarking upon sequentially more challenging work. 

Students learn to easily identify multiple types of artistic media.  They not only learn production techniques, but also the history, criticism and aesthetics within the visual arts. 

In class, students focus on one artist per term, reading biographies, examining the artist's body of work with a critical eye, and finally designing and implementing a project based on the artist.

Students become very familiar with the artistic process, including brainstorming, research, sketching, designing and critiquing.

LCP Art Teacher

The Learning Castle & La Canada Preparatory

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