Why TLC / LCP?

Why the Learning Castle &

La Canada Preparatory?

At The Learning Castle and La Cañada Preparatory, our focus is predicated on the individual success of every student and the promotion of the critical skills students will need in future academic pursuits.  Teachers utilize a wide array of consumables, textbooks and our own in-house curriculum, Color Me Smart® (’CMS’). The use of consumables, whether it be CMS or another curriculum, is fundamental to the teaching process at both schools. The teaching method at TLC and LCP is founded on a five-step methodology of assessment, gap identification, gap addressing, reassessment and advancement. Because each student’s gaps are different, consumables provide the most precise path towards mastery.  Although state standards provide framework to which all departments do adhere for traditional benchmarks, they do not 
“Instruction is clear and focused, making it easier to follow and understand. I finally found a way to learn at a pace that was comfortable for me.”
-Jonathan Marsh, LCP Class of 2005
provide insight on how and what material is sequential and relevant for students who are working at faster or slower paces. TLC and LCP are continuously seeking out and utilizing new technologies and curricula to support their foundational ideology: every student is an individual with a unique learning style who deserves to be treated accordingly.

Field trips are a very important part of the TLC-LCP program. Each grade level attends a minimum of three trips per year. We offer day trips to places like the Natural History Museum, the California Science Center, Kidspace and the Huntington Museum. Older students attend overnight trips to the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI), Astorcamp and the east coast (Boston, Washington, New York, etc.)
“You not only provide our children with a strong academic foundation, but you also nurture their artistic sides. You expose them to so many things that are crucial to know in this life.”

-Parent of Alumni, LCP Class of 2021
Our proven academic approach is bolstered by a broad array of extracurricular and enrichment opportunities.  During the school day, students have classes in Spanish, technology, art, singing, dance, tennis and physical education.  Our performing arts department produces a broadway musical each spring, and our younger students perform songs, dances and recitations at public performances throughout the year.  For LCP students in grade 5 and above, our interscholastic sports program offers flag football, girls’ volleyball, co-ed tennis, girls’ and boys’ basketball and girls’ and boys’ soccer.

The Learning Castle & La Canada Preparatory

4490 Cornishon Ave., La Canada, CA 91011