Summer School

Summer FAQs

Summer School FAQs

When will The Learning Castle and La Canada Preparatory open for summer school?
We will be ready to open for all students on June 29, 2020 for the first three-week session. The second three-week session will start on July 20, 2020.

We need to add an additional session, but the desired session is full, how do I get in?
If a session becomes full, we can add your child to our waitlist. TLC/LCP will contact families when and if space becomes available, or notify families on the waitlist if we cannot accommodate the request. Due to strict class assignment limits and coordination, custom schedules cannot be accommodated.

Can TLC/LCP guarantee my child will not get COVID-19 if attending summer school?
The key factor in opening summer school after several weeks of state-mandated school closure is safety. We have put several policies in place to safeguard the health and welfare of the TLC/LCP families while on campus. These policies reflect the guidelines and requirements by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the State of California and the Los Angeles County Department of Health. While we will take these precautions to reduce such a risk, it is not possible for any entity to guarantee that a student or staff member will not be exposed to Covid-19. If there is wide community spread, it is possible that students or staff may be infected whether at home or at school.

What steps will TLC/LCP take prior to opening for summer school?
As part of our opening process, each campus will undergo a thorough cleaning of the facility, as well as extensive teacher training regarding the school’s procedures regarding social distancing, and daily cleaning efforts.

What will be the cleaning protocols during the summer session?
High-touch surfaces will be cleaned multiple times per day. (Doorknobs, restrooms, light switches, etc.) The campus will receive a thorough cleaning each night including all classrooms, offices, restrooms, and common areas.

Overall, what is TLC/LCP doing to create a healthy and safe learning environment for children this summer?
In addition to our rigorous cleaning protocols, TLC/LCP will be following all state and local guidelines as well as those from the CDC and WHO on standards for keeping students safe, as they develop. In addition, prior to starting school, families will need to complete a student health screening to certify that to the best of their knowledge their child(ren) nor anyone in their immediate family has/have been exposed to any individual who has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus or displayed any symptoms of the illness. Additionally, wellness checks and temperatures (using a no-touch thermometer) will be taken daily for all staff and students before being permitted on campus. Students will be required to wash their hands upon entering the campus. Students will be instructed throughout the day to practice and engage in healthy hygiene habits.

If TLC/LCP was not able to open summer school on-site, would it change over to Distance Learning?
It is our goal to provide a safe and welcoming environment on campus. If that is not possible, some classes may transition to Distance Learning. If that becomes the case, parents will be notified and may choose to continue the enrollment or request to withdraw.

Will there be fewer children in a classroom?
Yes, our classes will follow current state and local guidelines as it relates to class sizes. Children will stay with the same classroom group throughout the school day. Classes will not mix.

What other physical distancing policies will be incorporated at summer school?
Following state and local guidelines, we will be staggering our drop-off, pick-up, lunch and outdoor times to keep a physical distance from other groups. Class groups will have distinct outdoor environments assigned to them during break periods.

Will the children and staff wear face coverings?
Staff will be wearing face coverings. Local and state health departments recommend that children age three years and older wear a face covering. If parents choose to have their child wear a face covering, please click here for our recommendation of the face coverings we feel are most appropriate for these age groups. Please make sure the face covering is clearly labeled with your child’s name.

If the state or county orders more stringent stay at home orders due to accelerated community spread, what will be the impact on opening summer school?
If a Shelter in Place order, or other such orders, prevent the opening of summer school as scheduled on June 29th, the start of summer school will either be rescheduled, moved to Distance Learning, or cancelled.

What will be the health and safety policy for students and staff?
To reduce the spread of germs and groups on campus, visitors will be restricted from campus. Only TLC/LCP teachers and staff will be with students throughout the school day. Upon arrival at school, temperature (using a no-touch thermometer) and overall wellness checks will be administered to all staff and students. As well, we will implement our already rigorous cleaning, sanitization, and hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing and thoroughly cleaning high-touch surfaces and items inside and outside the classroom.

Will outside lunch service by Choicelunch be available?
No, our outside lunch service will not be offered during summer school. As part of our on-campus safety efforts, we will be significantly limiting outside visitors during the school day. Parents will need to provide a packed lunch from home as well as snacks and drinks. Parents may not drop lunches off in the office during the school day. Food delivery services are not permitted.

Will children be allowed to play outside?
Yes, following state and local guidelines. There will be access to play structures, toys and sports equipment. Outdoor activities will be designed to adhere to social distancing to the degree that is possible. Children will wash their hands prior to re-entering the classroom.

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