Lunch and Snack Policy

General Guidelines:
We encourage you to overpack your child’s lunch with items that won’t perish if left uneaten.  You should supply food (that does not require heating), drink, and utensils on a daily basis.

During the regular school year, you may also take advantage of our hot lunch program from Choicelunch®Click here for more information and/or create an account.

Special Note: Choicelunch® will not be offered during Summer School 2024.

All children are monitored during snack and lunch, but please call the office if your child has not eaten enough of his/her lunch.  We will more closely monitor what your child brings to school, so that we can more accurately assess what he/she has eaten.

  • No glass containers
  • No knives
  • No dessert (e.g., candy, cake, or sugared items)
  • No food on a stick
  • No gum
  • No medicines, cough drops or vitamins are to be in a child’s possession at any time.  It is the parent’s responsibility (not the child’s) to bring such items to the office.  Please see Medical Guidelines for specific instructions.
  • High-protein items
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Bottled water in lieu of sugared drinks
  • Label lunch box, containers, and non-disposable utensils.

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