La Canada Preparatory considers the development of leadership qualities as one of the fundamental tenants of a classic education.

Student Government

Student council gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and implementing school activities and service projects; foster student-faculty relationships; and provide a forum for student expression.  

Students can run for class representative starting in third grade and officer positions starting in seventh grade.


Clubs offer students the opportunity to make connections based on common interests.

Students can join an existing club or apply for and start a new one.  These enrichment opportunities are intended to inspire students to pursue their interests and passions.


Numerous studies show a quantifiable correlation between participation in team sports and well-developed leadership skills later in life.  LCP believes that interscholastic athletics provide our students with opportunities to develop leadership skills that are found in few other arenas.

The LCP athletics program is founded on the principles of citizenship, scholarship and sportsmanship.  LCP asks student-athletes to be leaders on campus, in the classroom and on the field/court.  LCP student-athletes are expected to be positive representatives of the school in public and positive role models within the student body.

In the Classroom

Leadership in the classroom is fostered in several ways.  Students are given responsibility for weekly duties, such as maintaining classroom cleanliness, managing pencils, paper and erasers, and passing out and collecting homework assignments.  During group work and project-based assignments, students are given leadership positions on a rotating basis, giving each student the opportunity to guide others in their work. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts through class discussions and are required to give public presentations as part of the curriculum.

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