The Learning Castle and La Canada Prep Honor Donors, Volunteers

The Learning Castle and La Cañada Preparatory held their fourteenth-annual Diamond Donor Dinner on Thursday night, May 25, 2023, at the Oakmont Country Club in Glendale.

The dinner and ceremony is attended by the schools’ major donors and celebrates the fiscal goals of the Annual Giving Campaign and 100% parent participation.  This year’s dinner also recognized the nineteen room parents who volunteered their time this school year organizing special events and fundraising activities.

Development Director, Aggie Malolepszy, opened the evening and revealed the final total raised for the year.  She also reminded attendees of all the special events held during the year.

“At this event, one year ago, I promised you that this school year would be full of social events,” Ms. Malolepszy told attendees, “and boy did we deliver!”

More than ten events were on the calendar this year, such as family meet-and-greets at Round Table and Proper in La Canada, the first-ever Christmas tree lighting, and the school’s thirtieth anniversary gala held at Castaway in Burbank to name but a few

LCP Co-Director, Justin Whalin, then detailed all the important improvements and continued enrichment programs that the annual fund financed.

“When we were planning for this year, we budgeted using the amount we set as our fundraising goal,” said Mr. Whalin. “We could have never imagined that you, our parent body, would exceed that amount by almost $200,000.00! We are now in the enviable position of selecting projects from our wish list.”

Director Terry Villanueva closed the evening by recognizing the generosity of support shown by the major donors in attendance, saying, “Without your generosity, we could not provide many of the enrichment opportunities that help make our schools special.”

The following were recognized for their service as room mothers: Diane Costandi, Maral Kirkpatrick, Sarine Davidian, Jane Lee, Argine Kadymyan, Maria Deftarios, Danielle Waltz, Andrineh Terantonians, Sera Shenouda, Iren Tsaturyan, Jacklin Sarkissiani, Arpine Zohrabyan, Magge Arutunyan, Angie Karroum, Anna Dolmazyan, Caty Avanesian, Anna Isaiants, Laura Esmalian and Ella Semerjian.

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