LCP Announces the Knights of the Round Table for 2023

On June 1, 2023, La Canada Preparatory released the Knights of the Round Table for the 2022-2023 school year.
The award is given to the one boy and girl from each class who best emulates the qualities found around King Arthur's Round Table: discretion, chivalry, cooperation, trustworthiness, responsibility, integrity and diligence.

This year's recipients are Mila Aynaszyan and Sebastian Denoukh from Bronze Class; Ava C. Avakian and Caesar Hu from Silver Class; Katie Baker and Christian Karroum from Gold Class; Leonna Torosyan and Daniel Isaiants from Cobalt Class; and Emily Petrosyan and Andrew Harutunians.

The above-students will receive an engraved plaque and certificate to take home, their names will be engraved on the KORT plaques; and their photographs will be posted to the Knights of the Round Table board, both located in the LCP office.

The Knights of the Round Table Award is the highest honor LCP can bestow upon a student.

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