Tennis Wins Twelfth League Title

LCP avenged their November 28th loss at South Pasadena with a big win today at LCP, taking the season series 74-67 and thereby securing a twelfth league championship.
Entering today’s final match, LCP trailed South Pas by six games, meaning the Knights had to win today’s match by six to tie and seven games to win a championship.  LCP won by thirteen games, 52-39, to repeat as champs.

The boys won their half, 25-21, but it was the girls side that put LCP over the top, winning their half, 27-18.

“That was a little too close,” said LCP coach Tosh Bandev. “I love this team.  They had a great season!”

The Knights finished the season with an overall record of 7-1.

Congratulations to Coach Tosh and the 2023 LCP Knights Tennis Team!

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