The 23rd Annual TLC/LCP Science Fair

On Friday, January 26th, local La Cañada private schools, The Learning Castle and La Cañada Preparatory, held their 23rd-Annual Science Fair.  Over 95 entrants, ranging in age from eight to thirteen, proudly displayed their experiments which covered eight different scientific disciplines. 
 “The science fair is an extensive process that helps students develop critical thinking, problem solving, time management and communication skills,” said TLC science teacher, Annette Kiureghian.
“A science fair gives our students the opportunity to show initiative and choose a project or problem and engage with it,” said Norman Baker, science teacher for the fifth and sixth grades. “Students get to be hands on.”
Judges for this year’s fair were Ms. Helia Akmal, Dr. Luciana Alves, Dr. Christy Anthony, Dr. Ani Azarian, Dr. Joseph Carey, Dr. Diane Costandi, Dr. Tina Ghotanian, Dr. Jamers Ha, Dr. Tina Harutunians, Mr. Bo Hu, Dr. Sarkis Jarakian, Dr. Susanna Jarakian, Ms. Jane Jayaraj, Dr. Prash Jayaraj, Dr. Michael Keller, Dr. Sarkis Kiramijyan, Mr. Vahe Kuzoyan, Ms. Hema Maheshwari, Dr. Maria Nelson, Dr. Tigran Ovsepyan, Dr. Arman Petrosyan, Dr. Marianna Petrosyan, Dr. Mark Schroeder, Dr. Teo Soleymani, Mr. Vicken Touzjian and Mr.  Joseph Yacoub,
“We are so fortunate to have so many generous and gifted parents from the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, engineering, and science to serve as judges,” said Terry Villanueva, Director of The Learning Castle and La Cañada Preparatory. 
On February 2nd, an awards assembly was held to recognize the top-three projects in each grade along with honorable mentions and awards for merit. 
Speaking at the ceremony, Steve Miller, the science teacher for seventh and eighth grades, said that, “Our science fair is really about the wholesome celebration of life and knowledge, and I think it's safe to say that our young scientists found these experiences inspirational.”
Merit Awards, for those projects not recognized by the judges but deemed worthy of recognition by the science department, were given to third graders, Arina Avagyan, Jacob Filian, Vincent Mahdessian, Jack Mekhjian, and Carolynna Yepremyan; fifth graders, Mila Aynaszyan, Talin Karakachian, Giovanni Tngryan, Vivienne Mirzaians, and Danika Vartanian; and seventh graders, Christian Lund, Jasmen Madadyan, Allen Torosyan, Arina Vahramyan, and Julia Yen. Honorable Mentions were handed out to third graders, Victoria Avagyan, Ava Camilleri, Luca Khachadurian, Michael Khrlobyan, and Charlotte Whalin; fifth graders, Rita Jarakian, Natasha Karapetian, Veronica Malkasyan, Nicole Manukyan, and Dane Miller; and seventh graders Christian Karroum, Anthony Leavens, Eva Margaryan and Zoya Quereshi. Third-place honors went to third graders, Duaa Quereshi and William Schroeder; fifth graders, Kira Agadzhanian and Rebecca Whalin; and seventh graders, Katya Hadjistyllis and Benjamin Kuzoyan.  Second place went to third graders, Delsa Akmal and Maneh Ovsepyan; fifth grader, Nicole Salehpour; and seventh graders, Evan Jayraj and Alexandra Oganesyan. First-place honors went to third graders, Abigail Costandi and Emmanuel Kiureghian; fifth grader, Nicholas Mahdessian; and seventh graders, Ella Ohanyan and Hayk Petrosyan.

The Learning Castle & La Canada Prepatory

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